10 New Citizens Who Are Psyched To Be Americans

More than 7,000 people became naturalized U.S. citizens during a ceremony in downtown Los Angeles on Friday. BuzzFeed asked some of them why they’re excited about becoming Americans.

After words from a black robed judge, a sworn oath of allegiance, good tidings from Office of Homeland Security, a recorded message from President Barack Obama, and a music video featuring clips of cornfields and spiffy Navy men standing in neat rows, thousands of newly-christened U.S citizens waved their tiny American flags in celebration. The top ten countries represented at Friday’s ceremony were:

1. Mexico
2. Philippines
3. El Salvador
4. South Korea
5. Iran
6. China
7. Guatemala
8. Vietnam
9. Armenia
10. India

The new Americans gathered after the ceremony to take pictures with their cheering families, get their new blue passport, and lined up for some bacon-wrapped hot dogs simmering on food carts outside the convention center. It was pretty difficult not to get misty-eyed from watching so many people be so excited. We asked some new citizens why they were so stoked.

ID: 1424878

Top-hatted lady from South Africa.

ID: 1425042

Best accessory of the day goes to the gentleman from Freetown, Sierra Leone.

ID: 1425144

Business-minded young man from Iran.

ID: 1425079
ID: 1425271

Two ladies one from Russia (left) and Armenia (right).

ID: 1425061

Doctor from Colombia with friends and family.

ID: 1425092

Pearl studded Philippine native.

ID: 1425128

Mother, son and family from El Salvador.

ID: 1425108

Gentleman from France who became a citizen today says: “These Americans are strong and I’m proud of them!”

ID: 1425068

Exuberance via Nigeria!

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