A Vending Machine For Everyone

Just pray you have enough singles.

1. For people who want the whole Tokyo experience.

ID: 774788

2. For people who can’t wait for McDonald’s.

ID: 774796

3. For people who really, really hate e-readers.

ID: 774800

4. For people who gotta catch ‘em all.

ID: 774807

5. For people who want pizza vending-machine fast without the vending-machine taste.

ID: 774812

6. For people who don’t mind the vending-machine taste.

ID: 775016

7. For people who totally forgot about their nephew’s birthday party that’s happening in a half-hour.

ID: 774841

8. For people who need to realize their lifelong dream of starting a band right now.

ID: 774847

9. For people who need to see it to believe it.

ID: 774973

10. For people too embarrassed to buy things at a pharmacy.

ID: 774988

11. For people who forgot their nephew’s birthday… again.

ID: 775000

12. For people who need a quick practical joke.

ID: 775017

13. For people with “Pure Imagination” stuck in their head on loop.

ID: 775024

14. For people who don’t want to walk all the way to the library.

ID: 775029

15. For people who left their right flip-flop…somewhere last night.

ID: 775064

16. For people who have all the luck.

ID: 775077

17. For all the people. This vending machine was created for everyone.

ID: 775137

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