Watch Diplomacy In Action As Russia And The U.S. Talk Ukraine


2. They both looked happy to be there.

Pool / Reuters

The talks come two days before Crimea is set to hold a referendum, orchestrated by Russia, to approve its secession from Ukraine, following the country’s revolution.

9. The talks come as U.S.-Russia relations have plunged to new post-Cold War lows.

Pool / Reuters

The U.S. and Russia have threatened tit-for-tat sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine. The U.S. has urged a diplomatic solution over Crimea, which de facto separated from Ukraine once Russian troops poured in late last month. Attention has now turned to the east of the country, which has become increasingly unstable, amid reports of Russian troop buildup near its border with Ukraine. There was no word yet on what, if anything, Lavrov and Kerry agreed in their talks.

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