Even A Twitter Ban Couldn’t Stop #GenevaTalks From Trending In Iran

Iranian diplomats announced news of the historic Iran nuclear deal via Twitter — which is technically banned in Iran. Users, nonetheless, took to social media to share their reactions with the English-speaking world.

1. Twitter is technically banned in Iran — but #IranTalks and #GenevaTalks were trending in the hours after yesterday’s historic nuclear deal.

A reported 2 million Iranians have Facebook and Twitter pages, using VPNs to bypass the ban. Farsi speakers also used the hashtag #ژنو (Geneva) and #ظریف (Zarif, for Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.)

2. “This is how we spent last night.”

3. Many expressed their excitement.

6. Few western journalists are allowed in Iran, making Twitter a pivotal aggregator of street views for the English-speaking public.

Everywhere I go in Tehran people asking me for details on the nuclear deal, many are happy, some skeptical, but all agree this is new phase.

— ThomasErdbrink (@Thomas Erdbrink)

Woman in Tehran tells me she's crying from joy over nuclear deal. #Iran #Irantalks

— GEsfandiari (@Golnaz Esfandiari)

Giti, a teacher, told me she expected the prices of cars to come down and she would finally be able to buy a car.

— ThomasErdbrink (@Thomas Erdbrink)

"Its been so hard" my mother's voice breaks down as we talk. "the past 8 years r a dark dream & we r slowly but surely waking up" #iran

— pedestrian (@Sidewalk Lyrics)

"Wow," said Reza, taxi driver. "Our foreign minister @Jzarif is a hero, he is the Mossadegh [legendary Iranian prime minister] of our time."

— ThomasErdbrink (@Thomas Erdbrink)

Iranians are giving out candies in their workplaces to celebrate reaching an agreement on #IranTalks.

— Nazifpour (@Ali Nazifpour)

Iran user shares this song: "Beat the drums of happiness, victory, pride, put the flag at home..." #IranTalks

— NegarMortazavi (@Negar Mortazavi)

No, not every1 in #iran was awake following #irantalks. Just called my dad, woke him up & told him. His voice broke, ran 2 turn on the TV.

— pedestrian (@Sidewalk Lyrics)

Many happy in Tehran. However, some unhappy. Cab driver told me happy all sanctions gone, less happy when told sanctions still in place.

— mashabani (@Mohammad Ali Shabani)

15. Others online trolled Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif to make their voices heard.

"Viva Peace Viva Ambassador of Peace" written on tweet by #Iran FM @JZarif is circulating in social media. #IranTalks

— NegarMortazavi (@Negar Mortazavi)

#Iran FM's Facebook page is full of people praising him. Over a 100,000 likes for his last status announcing the deal!

— BahmanKalbasi (@Bahman Kalbasi)

New poster circulating in Iran social media: Here is My Vote. #IranTalks #GenevaTalks

— NegarMortazavi (@Negar Mortazavi)

18. Meanwhile, Iranian media coverage was also a topic of conversation.

Zarif-Kerry historic picture dominates Tehran Monday front pages. Front page of the reformist @SharghDaily:

— SaeedKD (@Saeed Kamali Dehghan)

#Iran hardline #Kayhan: "US was not trustworthy; Geneva deal failed in 1 hour"; referring 2 enrichment via @onlymehdi

— HadiNili (@Hadi Nili)

"The Sun of Agreement Shines Over Tehran" Iran reformist newspaper Etemad special edition for Sunday. #IranTalks

— NegarMortazavi (@Negar Mortazavi)

21. When Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif returned to Tehran from Geneva on Sunday, Iranians gathered en masse to cheer — and document — his return.

Hundreds of #Iranians in Tehran airport greeted their new national hero @Jzarif who has done an imposible mision

— mehdimahmudi (@mehdi mahmoudi)

Woman with green wristband (symbol of opposition movement) welcomed #Iran FM at airport via @Yosra_Bakhakh

— GEsfandiari (@Golnaz Esfandiari)

23. Here’s a video of the excitement.

IRIB is covering Zarif's arrival in Tehran with a montage of anti American pictures. Subtitle is down with America in Persian and English.

— BBCHamedani (@Ali Hamedani)

25. Amid the impassioned reactions, Iranians also shared their sentiments via satire.

Cartoon: Facebook users are sharing this funny photoshop work on Netanyahu's infamous bomb at UN:

— SaeedKD (@Saeed Kamali Dehghan)

Why didn't the #Iranian delegation put a clause about how to pronounce #Iran and #Iranian? -- I'm tired of hearing EYE-ran and EYE-raynian

— PoliticallyAff (@Holly Dagres)

Wife of imprisoned #tajzadeh: say, now that u can come 2 agreement with the US, can u please turn the heaters on in #Evin prison? #irantalks

— pedestrian (@Sidewalk Lyrics)

Irony: the Tehran fire department pulls up because a car in my building caught fire: "too late for spare parts sanction relief," man says.

— ThomasErdbrink (@Thomas Erdbrink)

29. The irony was also not lost that in Iran, Twitter diplomacy can still only go so far.

It is now time for Iran to open up Twitter and Facebook completely for its people.

— shervin (@Shervin Pishevar)

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