Two Million Syrians Are Now Refugees

The number of Syrian refugees passed the 2 million mark on Tuesday, according to the U.N. Refugee Agency. Last month, it was announced the number of Syrian child refugees had exceeded 1 million.

1. One year ago today the number of Syrians registered as refugees or awaiting registration was 230,671.

UNHCR / S. Baldwin

2. More than 97% of Syria’s refugees are hosted by countries in the immediate surrounding region.

UNHCR / S. Baldwin

3. An average of almost 5,000 Syrians flee into neighboring countries every day.

UNHCR / G. Gubaeva

4. UNHCR tents await newly arrived Syrian refugees at a transit center in northern Iraq:

UNHCR / L. Veide

5. Fifty-two percent of the Syrian refugee population is under 17 years old.

UNHCR / S. Baldwin

6. Refugee numbers: 110,000 in Egypt; 168,000 in Iraq; 460,000 in Turkey; 515,000 in Jordan; and 716,000 in Lebanon.

UNHCR / B. Sokol

7. Inside Syria, 4.25 million people are displaced, according to data from the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

UNHCR / G. Gubaeva

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