Seattle Police Clash With May Day Protesters

Police resorted to flash-bang grenades and pepper spray to move the crowd out of the downtown area of Seattle Wednesday night. posted on

SEATTLE — Police have made several arrests and are using flash-bang grenades and pepper spray after apparent anarchists and May Day marchers converged in downtown Seattle, throwing pipes, fireworks and rocks, lighting flares and sparking confrontations with officers.

Protesters met at Seattle Central Community College at the busy intersection of Broadway and Pine and then spilled into the street, blocking traffic.

Photos From Today’s May Day March In Seattle:

Police create a bicycle barrier as protesters deploy smoke near Sixth/Pike. #WaMayDay" target="_blank">">#WaMayDay @bettinahansen" target="_blank">">@bettinahansen" target="_blank">">

Arrest of demonstrator at Olive Way and 8th Ave in Seattle #wamayday" target="_blank">">#wamayday" target="_blank">">

PHOTO: Explosion from police munition. Wild scene in downtown Seattle. #Seamayday." target="_blank">">#Seamayday. #wamayday" target="_blank">">#wamayday" target="_blank">">

Seattle Police now using flashbangs and pepper spray to disperse demonstrators. #SeaMayDay" target="_blank">">#SeaMayDay @seattletimes" target="_blank">">@seattletimes" target="_blank">">

#seamayday" target="_blank">">#seamayday protest in downtown Seattle. @seattletimes" target="_blank">">@seattletimes" target="_blank">">

Window shattered at drug store in Cap Hill in Seattle" target="_blank">"> (@joshtrujillo)" target="_blank">">@joshtrujillo)

Pedestrians cleaning broken bottles, trash at Pine and Broadway #wamayday" target="_blank">">#wamayday" target="_blank">">

Seattle Police blocking off all traffic at East Pine Street and 11th Ave. Crowd is dispersing. #WaMayDay" target="_blank">">#WaMayDay" target="_blank">">

Update: Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 12:43 a.m. ET:

One officer injured during tonight's demonstration. Hit by an object thrown near minor/pine shortly after 8pm #seamayday" target="_blank">">#seamayday

As of 9pm, 11 adults & 2 juveniles arrested for assaults, property damage #seamayday" target="_blank">">#seamayday

Update: Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 1:56 a.m. ET:

In the foreground: chunks of asphalt, cement, bottles & other items thrown at officers during eve #seamayday" target="_blank">">#seamayday event" target="_blank">">

8 officers injured, 18 arrested during evening #seamayday" target="_blank">">#seamayday incidents

Update: Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 1:56 a.m. ET:

May Day Turns Violent in Seattle

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