BuzzFeed Staff Remembers Michael Hastings

The journalist died Tuesday at 33. He was loved and respected by his colleagues at BuzzFeed.

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Michael Hastings

There isn't a single reporter who worked with Michael, myself included, who wasn't in awe of his fearlessness and talent. He'll be missed.

— mckaycoppins (@McKay Coppins)

RIP Michael, you will be truly missed. Thank you for being my friend and colleague.

— BuzzFeedAndrew (@Andrew Kaczynski)

Michael in HS where he was class president before being dismissed for saying "shagadelic" over the PA system.

— BuzzFeedAndrew (@Andrew Kaczynski)

I'm honored and proud to have called Michael Hastings my friend and colleague. Rest in Peace brother

— dcbigjohn (@john r stanton)

One of my favorite memories of Michael Hastings is winning $200 bucks on a horse named Libel after the VP debate w/ @RosieGray and @hreins

— dcbigjohn (@john r stanton)

I remember looking at Hastings and saying, "well obviously we have to bet on Libel. I'll go get us more shots, you place the bet."

— dcbigjohn (@john r stanton)

Michael bought us Bloody Marys with the winnings

— hreins (@Hillary Reinsberg)

You know who was afraid of Michael Hastings? Anybody who answered the phone and heard "hey it's Hastings. What's up with ..."

— dcbigjohn (@john r stanton)

I hope we all can promise to Michael Hastings to be a little less scared, take a bigger risk, be a little more honest.

— katienotopoulos (@Katie Notopoulos)

Hastings and I sat next to each other when we first came to BuzzFeed. I learned more from overhearing him yelling at Twitter than anything.

— katienotopoulos (@Katie Notopoulos)

I didn't know Michael very well, but I know there aren't a lot of reporters like him.

— shani_o (@Shani O. Hilton)

It was an honor to work with Michael for the brief time I did. The conversations I had with him were always amazing.

— ryanpbroderick (@Ryan Broderick)

I rang in the new year at Michael’s, sitting on the roof just trying to keep up with his amazing brain, one wild anecdote after another.

— summeranne (@Summer Anne Burton)

Rest in Peace Michael. I'm proud to have worked with and known you, you'll be incredibly missed.

— itslaurenyap (@lauren yap)

lucky enough to have worked closely with Hastings on a piece. Man knew how to lob an F bomb and report the F out of a story. I'll miss him.

— EvanMcSan (@E McMorris-Santoro)

I was very proud to work for the same news organization as a journalist and man like Michael Hastings. He'll be missed. Rest in peace.

— mjkiebus (@Matt Kiebus)

It was an honor to work with Michael Hastings and I feel privileged that I was able to learn from him. Rest in peace.

— ellievhall (@Ellie Hall)

Hastings was a one-of-a-kind reporter and incredibly supportive colleague. He was brave and brilliant and I feel lucky to have known him.

— jtes (@jessica testa)

Terribly upset at this news, was an honor to work with him. RT @BuzzFeedBen: Michael Hastings has died:

— chrisgeidner (@Chris Geidner)

Michael & I spent the week at the DNC living together. His work speaks for itself; he also was remarkably kind. RIP.

— chrisgeidner (@Chris Geidner)

Incredibly saddened by today's news.

— catesish (@Cates Holderness)

I didn’t know Michael well but I know what he means to everyone here. Proud to be in a room full of people who look to him as an example.

— SteveKandell (@Steve Kandell)

goodbye to one of the kindest people i've ever met and to a man i looked up to. it was an honor to know you my friend

— davestopera (@Dave Stopera)

RIP Michael Hastings, one of the greatest journalists of the past decade or two, and a truly amazing and fearless person.

— perpetua (@Matthew Perpetua)

Michael was my colleague at both Rolling Stone and BuzzFeed, and responsible for some of the best work ever published by either.

— perpetua (@Matthew Perpetua)

What an amazing reporter and friend. Michael Hastings, there are no words to describe how much we will miss you.

— McCollumAshley (@Ashley McCollum)

I spent many days worrying what Michael would say on TV, many evenings laughing with him about it afterwards.

— McCollumAshley (@Ashley McCollum)

Rest in peace Michael. A fearless reporter, great friend, and huge inspiration to me and many others.

— RosieGray (@Rosie Gray)

Hastings taught me a really important lesson. Don't be afraid of anyone in power. The obligation is to the public.

— RosieGray (@Rosie Gray)

too upset to tweet

— twitney (@Whitney Jefferson)

Hastings rocked. He LOVED corgis and was legit one of the coolest, nicest people I've ever met. That's it.

— mattstopera (@Matt Stopera)

deeply sad. love to all Hastings friends and family. he was totally fearless.

— KateNocera (@KateNocera)

It was an honor to know Michael. Rest in peace, my friend. RT @BuzzFeedBen Michael Hastings has died

— dorseyshaw (@Dorsey Shaw)

wish I got to know this amazing reporter and corgi papa. love to everyone.

— theseamar (@chelsea marshall)

" much more he lived in thirty-three years than most people live in a lifetime." Michael Hastings Dead at 33

— RealAdrianC (@Adrian Carrasquillo)

When BuzzFeed moved to our current office our row was @BuzzFeedBen, Michael Hastings, @katienotopoulos and me. I'll never forget that. #RIP

— michaelhayes (@Mike Hayes)

Just know everyone (myself included) would flock to Hastings when he would walk into a room, desperately trying to hear what he had to say

— samir (@Samir Mezrahi)

I hardly knew Michael Hastings -- I'm a @BuzzFeed newbie -- but his gutsy reporting is inspiring, a gold standard.

— jordanzakarin (@Jordan Zakarin)

I met Michael Hastings one time. He was as unassuming, humble and kind in that one interaction as any reporter I have ever met.

— bennyjohnson (@BuzzFeedBenny)

I'll miss having Michael Hastings as a co-worker at BuzzFeed.

— bennyjohnson (@BuzzFeedBenny)

I only knew Michael briefly, but he was amazingly kind, and an inspiring reporter. RIP. "Missing Michael Hastings"

— LaRosaKnows (@Erin)

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