Romney Plane Breaks Down, Restless Press Turns To Twitter

“I’m running out of nicorette gum.” posted on

RICHMOND, Va. — The Romney campaign plane broke down here Saturday night, stranding the candidate, his staff, and the restless press corps for several hours on a tarmac as aides tried to figure out another way back to Boston.

To cope with their indefinitely late night, reporters drank beer, played an increasingly ironic playlist on someone’s iPad (feat. “Leaving on a Jet Plane”) — and, of course, got on Twitter.

Romney charter turned power off+on twice now. reax in press section: that's what I do with my computer when it isn't working

Romney charter shuts down power for 3rd time bf takeoff. "Control Alt Delete," someone in press cabin says. #stillinRichmond" target="_blank">">#stillinRichmond

Defense attorneys, doctors and chartered planes -- three things you don't wanna cheap out on

Overheard on the broken Romney plane, "I'm running out of nicorette gum."

Romney plane still grounded in VA. If there were swing states between here in Boston I'd be afraid we could have a bus tour by morning.

I wonder if—at moments like this, when Romney's stranded on a tarmac & press is blasting Kanye on the plane—he questions his life choices.

@mckaycoppins" target="_blank">">@mckaycoppins Stay strong. Here's a GIF of cat giving a high five to cheer you up." target="_blank">">

I don't wanna wade into the debate here, but when it comes to this plane, I wanna know: who built this?

"Leaving on a Jet Plane" now playing -- tauntingly, mockingly, ironically -- in the press cabin of the (still grounded) Romney charter.

Good news: new plane expected in an hour and a half. Bad news: new plane expected in an hour and a half.

To the emergency exit! Save yourself! RT @mckaycoppins" target="_blank">">@mckaycoppins Things quickly unraveling on the broken down Romney plane. Papa Roach #nowplaying." target="_blank">">#nowplaying. :(

I present to you the universe’s love of metaphor. MT @GingerGibson:" target="_blank">">@GingerGibson: And the Romney plane is having technical problems.

By midnight the campaign had secured a replacement plane, and all landed safely in Bedford, MA at around 2:00 a.m., at which point everyone began Tweeting at each other again.

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