Sydney Leathers Makes An Appearance At Anthony Weiner’s Election Party

The New York mayoral candidate’s former sexting partner showed up at his “victory party,” hosted at Connelly’s Pub & Restaurant in midtown Manhattan, on the night of the primary. UPDATE: Anthony Weiner snuck into the Pub through the backdoor of the adjacent McDonald’s.

2. “Initially I released everything anonymously, because I didn’t want my face out there,” Sydney Leathers tells reporters.

3. The press is very interested in Leathers.

8. Leathers attended the event with Adam Barta, who is best known for making music videos with reality stars.

9. Asked about her 15 minutes of fame, she replied “it’s going to last a little longer than 15 minutes, even though people don’t want to hear that.”

11. Leathers did make it inside Connolly’s.

13. But there was also a lot of waiting around for Weiner’s arrival.

18. UPDATE — Sept. 10, 10:55 p.m. EDT: Weiner arrives at his election party through the backdoor of McDonald’s.

21. Weiner concedes the race.

22. Weiner thanks his volunteers, staff, and spokeswoman Barbara Morgan.

23. Weiner chokes up talking about his mom and dad, but makes no mention of his wife or his son.

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