Robin Thicke And VH1 Laugh Off Questions About Misogyny

Thicke’s Q&A session was flooded with questions about his treatment of women, but the response was simply: “What controversy? Hahaha.”

1. VH1 tweeted Monday night to submit questions with #AskThicke for an online Q&A session that would be held the following day with Robin Thicke. The hashtag was immediately flooded with queries about misogyny.

2. On Tuesday, people continued to engage the hashtag in much the same way:

5. During the Q&A session on Tuesday, Thicke answered about 10 questions:

6. Most questions and answers were pretty silly:

8. There was even this:

9. But a few questions were answered that were more serious:

12. Although, Thicke’s response was basically “listen to the album” to find the answer:

14. VH1 and Thicke both laughed at the “controversy.”

15. Thicke also said he could “handle it” and called himself “a big boy.”

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