Most Enthusiastic Spelling Bee Contestant Ever Shouts “I Know It!” Before Misspelling Word

Jacob Williamson may have lost the National Spelling Bee after misspelling “kabaragoya,” but he won a lot of hearts over his unbridled love of words.

2. “Please give me a word I know,” Williamson excitedly told bee Pronouncer Jacques Bailly before getting “euripus” on Wednesday.

3. Jacob replied: “I know it! Greek, right?” Yes, came the answer, and Williamson quickly spelled the word correctly.

AP Photo/ Evan Vucci

4. On Wednesday night, Williamson also aced his word “carcharodont.”

5. The competition Wednesday featured 281 spellers from around the world and Williamson was one of just 12 finalists who advanced.

AP Photo/ Evan Vucci

6. But he was eliminated Thursday night, after shouting with excitement “I know it, I totally know it!” and misspelling “kabaragoya.”

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