There Is A New Parody Russian Twitter Account Master Trolling The U.S. Over Iraq

The U.S. State Department has @UkrProgress to promote its Ukraine policy. Now, meet @IraqProgress.

Now it’s spawned its own Iraq-themed parody account, @IraqProgress, echoing the Kremlin’s stance that the current crisis is the U.S.’s fault for invading in 2003 and supporting Syrian rebels — both decisions that Russia fiercely protested.

This one says ISIS is a “reliable investor” after it “increased production and created thousands of new jobs” at oil refineries it seized in bloody battles.

This one echoes State Department comments in support of Ukrainian protesters. “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria only uses peaceful methods of struggle: protests, demonstrations, and solo pickets.”

Trolling the State Department is de rigeur in Russia, where spokesperson Jen Psaki has found herself the target of a bizarre pro-Kremlin meme calling her stupid.

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