The 8 Most Hilarious Steve Ballmer Moments of All Time

Steve B is retiring as CEO from Microsoft in a year, so let’s look at some of his biggest hits. What, were you expecting something about their business?

1. Steve Ballmer loves to get crazy on stage. Here’s his most famous.

ID: 1548197

2. Remember when Windows was $99?

ID: 1548167

3. Remember, Ballmer is a salesperson. Here he is selling Windows XP.

ID: 1548219

4. Then Steve was obsessed with developers, developers, developers — and also sweating profusely

ID: 1548184

5. Here’s Ballmer in a commercial about the Internet, of all things

ID: 1548272

6. And dancing to What Is Love, because why not

ID: 1548310

7. And here’s Steve Ballmer giving advice about math and business

ID: 1548210

8. And, finally, Ballmer getting hit by an egg

ID: 1548326

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