9 Reasons Apple Is “Doomed”

Well, not exactly. Here are some common arguments pundits make to claim Apple is on the decline, and why they aren’t entirely true.

1. Apple is cutting orders for the iPhone 5c, signaling less demand for one of its newest phones.

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This never would have happened on Steve Jobs’ watch.

(But what about the fact that demand for the iPhone 5s already exceeded the initial supply available, and Apple sold 9 million iPhones the first weekend the devices went on sale?)

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3. Without a low-price iPhone, Apple is ignoring China.

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Steve Jobs wouldn’t have ignored a massive market opportunity like China.

(But what about the fact that Apple recently hired a head of retail that specializes in luxury goods and China, and the iPhone 5s is massively popular in China?)

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5. Apple released a “cheap” iPhone.

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Steve Jobs wouldn’t have released a cheaper iPhone.

(But what about the fact that it’s actually not that cheap — it’s about the same price as a previous-generation iPhone.)

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7. Android has more market share than the iPhone.

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Steve Jobs wouldn’t have been beaten by Android.

(But what about the fact that the iPhone and Apple control most of the profit share for the industry?)

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9. Apple released iOS 7.

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Steve Jobs never would have released an update like iOS 7.

(But what about the fact that the need for skeumorphism died years ago now that normal individuals are fully familiar with smartphones — and the man handpicked by Jobs to design Apple products made iOS 7?)

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11. Apple isn’t innovating and making new products.

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ID: 1819145

Steve Jobs would have kept the company innovating.

(But what about the fact that Apple already defined two categories with the iPad and iPhone, and is reportedly working on a smart watch?)

ID: 1819153

13. Apple Maps shows Apple doesn’t know how to make good software.

Eric Risberg / AP
ID: 1818898

This never would have happened if Steve Jobs were around.

(But what about the fact that MobileMe was a complete mess and a terrible piece of software — even Jobs said so? Meanwhile, iOS.)

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15. Apple caved to investors and paid out a dividend.

Chip East / Reuters
ID: 1819110

Steve Jobs never would have paid out a dividend.

(But what about the fact that, even with its $100 billion-plus buyback and dividend program, Apple still has a cash stockpile to rival sovereign nations?)

ID: 1819122

17. Apple’s stock has cratered from its highs.

ID: 1818880

Steve Jobs would have never let this happen.

(Although, here’s a separate view below.)

ID: 1818884

(Yes, that “K” means 1,000.)

ID: 1819235

20. Paul Krugman says so.

Stephen Lam / Reuters
ID: 1817854

But, seriously, times and tastes change — and who runs their company based on the decisions and mindset of a person that isn’t even there?

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22. And yet!

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