14 Surefire Signs You’re Part Of Finance Twitter

When will you be on CNBC again? #inflation posted on

1. There’s a complete obsession with jobs data.

So assuming govt reopens tomorrow, when do we get Sept. jobs report? Monday?

@ModeledBehavior Lets get that September jobs report out and then we’ll all reassess where we stand.

If DL raised to Nov 22 without end to govt #shutdown, you can say goodbye to Fed #taper this year. No jobs report for Oct or Nov

2. And the debt ceiling.

Liftoff: Debt Ceiling Resolution Rumor Sends Russell To New Record Highs, ES Soaring http://t.co/JQFCVcHXem

3. Using ticker $ymbols to call out longs and shorts.

Anyone shorting $AAPL around $500 for a fall below is crazy. Going higher into earnings. Pause here good for a nice short squeeze to come

Added $500 calls $aapl weekly; short $goog $900/$910 weekly call spread, $SCTY all time highs, sold $14.50/$15 $BAC Call spread.

@BretKenwell I usually take positions off for .05.. but if I have an $AAPL or $GOOG short option .90 or less… I take it off.

5. Business pun in your bio.

6. Father, golfer, husband, runner, polo player.

Sometimes all rolled into one.

7. A sailor from Connecticut because of course.

Infaltion still relatively tame: Producer price index up 0.5% in May, core up just 0.1%. http://t.co/ooNp1Ik9kd via @WSJ

Watch This Closely! This Could Cause Infaltion! Equals Higher Rates!! More Money Printing? Here's How It Could Happen http://t.co/1sdsSROryr

9. Hey, what time are you on CNBC?

Programming note: I will be on @cnbc tomorrow at 640am to talk about @buzzfeedbiz..don't miss the rare opp to see me in a suit @buzzfeed

10. Opinions about Summers’ downfall…

White House caved on Syria and Larry Summers, now we need a big cave on the #Obamacare individual mandate by October 15th, debt ceiling deal

11. …and Yellen’s rise.

Email from a strong Yellen supporter who despaired all summer of a possible Summers pick: "There is a God."


Can somebody make a chart of the S&P and match it to the S&P from a different year and then draw a conclusion? Thx.

McClellan Oscillator shows the market indecision better that the SPX chart

Financial Crisis was 2nd worst bear market ever. Current bull isn't in top 5 yet. Cool chart. $SPX http://t.co/je5DdXZjL3

(and chart shade).

13. Sry, can’t talk, live-blogging #earnings.

Their "expected" numbers are just incredible. #Apple #earnings Liveblog: Apple’s Q4 results conference call http://t.co/Mz60Wvd9

14. Retweeting, favoriting, quoting, and generally musing about Carl Icahn.

It's nice that in his old age, Carl Icahn has devoted himself to charity work on behalf of financial journalists

So apparently Carl Icahn's daughter tweets for him. I'm so disillusioned

"I appreciate that you called me a great investor, too bad I can't say the same about you" - Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn, King of Finance Twitter.

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