10 Insane Painters Who Clearly Spend Too Much Time On The Internet

These pop surrealist paintings look like they’re dipped in weapon-grade internet juice.

1. Conrad Ruiz

This is basically Tumblr after 2AM.

ID: 1063463

The only thing more internet than corgis is shiba inus.

ID: 1063465

5. Sebastian Gomez De La Torre

Sloths spend up to 22 hours a day clinging to reblogs.

ID: 1065055

6. Todd Schorr

This is a banner ad for hell. Click on it to go straight to hell.

ID: 1065368

7. Mark Ryden

Pop Surrealism or proto-Weird Twitter?

ID: 1064819

8. Shawn Huckins

George Washington: too fancy for Impact font.

ID: 1062748

10. Ben Smith

Hay gaiz.

ID: 1062722

How you doing.

ID: 1065514

NBD just chillen w my two extra heads.

ID: 1065519

13. Casey Weldon

Bob Ross is a lasercatter.

ID: 1064898

14. Lisa Hanawalt

Animal hat lookbook. You kinda just know Lisa Hanawalt can obliterate you in a brisk match of internetting.

ID: 1065189

All the meme-able horses.

ID: 1062714

17. Caleb Brown

4chan is a saner place than this.

ID: 1063344

Some serious talent here, but that felt like a pelagic dive into Dark Internet.

ID: 1065420

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