The 16 Types Of Confessions You Find On Whisper

The addictive secret-sharing app proves that the teens are not all right.

Imagine an app that’s basically Post Secret, but with more teens and a messaging feature. That’s Whisper. The app works by automatically supplying a background image for your confession, which makes your gross revelation seem like a tasteful Tumblr-friend “Just Girly Things” image macro.

At its core, the app is an anonymous confession-sharing service. But it also includes the ability to search for people near you, as well as a messaging feature, which means there’s a healthy flow of thirsty locals trying to hook up. Open up the “local” section and you’ll find a fair amount of Craigslist-style sex requests.

Anyway: so many teen thoughts! Teen problems! They’re delightful! All they want is a boyfriend or girlfriend to cuddle. They hate their parents. They are obsessed with the concept of virginity. They also sometimes hook up with their teachers.

Here are the best types of confessions you’ll find on Whisper:

ID: 2198965

1. The supremely fucked-up confessions:

ID: 2198465

2. The shocking confessions:

ID: 2198740

3. The very gross revelations:

ID: 2198441

4. This weird obsession with staying in and making out with a significant other:

Go on a date, teens!

ID: 2198738

5. The thirst:

ID: 2198727

6. The microWTF

ID: 2198730

7. The macroWTF:

ID: 2198837

8. The anti-gay revelations:

ID: 2198731

9. The gay confessions:

ID: 2198732

10. The ruefully depressing confessions:

ID: 2198733

11. The cheesy romantic Whispers (this was one of the most popular last week):

ID: 2198753

12. The sad virgin teen ones:

ID: 2198775

13. The disturbing and illegal ones:

ID: 2198783

14. And lastly, the surprising amount of teacher–student sex confessions:

ID: 2198429

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