Sexy U.S. Presidents: Would You Hit It Or Quit It?

How bone-able are these presidential h0tties?

1. Ronald Reagan

ID: 898484

3. Warren G. Harding

Hulton Archive / Getty Images
ID: 898568

7. George W. Bush

Getty Images
ID: 898651

9. George Bush, Sr.

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ID: 898652

11. Ulysses S. Grant

Mathew Brady / Getty Images
ID: 899632

13. Gerald Ford

Michigan University/Handout / Getty Images
ID: 898659

15. Richard Nixon

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ID: 898684

17. Millard Fillmore

Hulton Archive / Getty Images
ID: 898723

19. John Tyler

Hulton Archive / Getty Images
ID: 899318

21. Woodrow Wilson

ID: 899738

23. Rutherford B. Hayes

ID: 900255

25. And because BuzzFeed is an equal opportunity objectifier, here are some First Ladies:

ID: 899347

26. Priscilla Tyler

ID: 899350

28. Michelle Obama

ID: 899357

30. Jackie Kennedy

JFK Library and Museum
ID: 899374

32. Nancy Reagan

Reagan Library
ID: 899413

34. Frances Cleveland

Library of Congress
ID: 899684

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