20 Million People LinkedIn Just Tricked Into Tweeting About LinkedIn

LinkedIn sent out emails notifying 20 million people they were in the top 10% of most viewed profiles. These people couldn’t resist bragging about it on Twitter.

Screenshot of the notification Michelle Wetlzer received.

This morning, LinkedIn sent out an email blast to about 20 million people letting them know they were in the top tier of most-viewed profiles. The notifications told you if you were in the top 1%, top 5%, or top 10%.

Michelle Wetlzer of Keen.io noted that since LinkedIn has 200 milllion users, this means 20 million people got a big ego boost this morning. Sounds a little less exclusive when you think of it that way. It’s a clever way to make your most loyal userbase feel extra special, and definitely to click onto that “read more” button.

It also fanned the flames of vanity for quite a few LinkedIn users on Twitter. The notification came with a handy pre-written Tweet announcing their special status. These LinkedIners just couldn’t resist taking the bait:

3. The 1%-ers

The LinkedIn elite. All 2 million of them.

10. The 5%-ers


15. The 10%-ers

Such plebes.

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