The Month That Goats Won YouTube

Beating cats and dogs. Blame memes. Google Trends, which lets you see what people are searching for, is expanding to YouTube. Here are a few more lessons Google has shared with us.

1. This month, there were more searches for goats than for dogs or cats:

You can blame this.

ID: 999744
ID: 999800

3. The ‘Harlem Shake’ phenomenon has peaked (but hasn’t gone away)

ID: 999742

4. Searches for Rebecca Black’s “Friday” peak every Friday:

ID: 999743

5. And, every Thanksgiving, searches for Turkey videos spike tremendously:

ID: 999745

6. Update: Here’s a graph of the world slowly learning that there’s no porn on YouTube:

ID: 1000283

YouTube! It’s a strange place.

The YouTube analytics tools will soon be available to everyone at the main Google Trends site.

ID: 999757

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