The Military Has Finally Perfected Its Drunk Robot

The next generation of war machines.

Ugh, god, what did I do last night?

ID: 946468

Oh no, did I… again? Work is going to be so awkward on Monday.

ID: 946476

I’ve really got to stop doing this to myself.

ID: 946480

I’ve gotta get something in my stomach, jesus. Something heavy.

ID: 946460

Unnngnhhhhh I don’t know about this.

ID: 946462

Oh no

ID: 946465


ID: 946456

That’s it. I’m never drinking again.

ID: 946458

This, in reality, is the latest of the Boston Dynamics BigDog robot, which is being developed with support from the Army Research Laboratory. You might remember a similar robot from this video, released about five years ago. This is its much drunker descendant.

ID: 946545
ID: 946546

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