Newtown Residents Excoriate The Media On Facebook

“Cameras just aimed at the door to the funeral home…” Newtowners, and others, vent their frustrations: “Now the curtain needs to close.”

Julio Cortez / AP

Media vans and trucks in Newtown, Conn., Wednesday, Dec. 14th.

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2. On Monday, the Newtown Bee posted this notice urging restraint in the media:

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3. Residents started sharing their stories, some sad, some shocking:

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4. “Phone calls from 7am to 11pm…” “Respect the families as they lay their babies to rest…”

ID: 762065

5. “I had a person from CBS news lie to me…”

ID: 762275

6. “Cameras just aimed at the door to the funeral home…”

ID: 762069

7. One resident is recording what he calls “morally gross” conduct by the press:

ID: 762063

8. Another says she spoke to the police about it:

ID: 762060

9. Others are just angry:

ID: 762061

10. A former Bee employee weighs in:

ID: 762064

11. “The President came… Now the curtain needs to close…”

ID: 762059

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