The Weird And Wonderful First Tweets Of Jake Tapper

CNN’s newest hire, one of the most followed reporters in Washington, at his most Tapper-y. From 2009.

2. There was reporting:

3. There was snark:

4. There was… this:

5. There were celebrities:

6. Deep thoughts:

7. And trenchant movie critiques:

9. He wasn’t afraid to go meta:

10. To speak directly to the American People:

11. Or to reveal his deepest secrets:

12. He didn’t shy away from hard truths:

13. And wasn’t afraid to tell you what’s good for you:

14. He hated Adam Lambert:

15. And loved the written word:

17. He called for civility:

18. And racial harmony:

19. He knew how to speak the language of the NET:

20. And loved telling jokes:

25. Basically, the feed used to be RAW TAPPER, and it was great:

Good luck at your new job Tweeting for CNN, Jake. Just don’t forget your roots.

27. Tapper responds! To a joke about how he used to be better at Twitter:

Don’t worry, Tap. Still got it.

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