9 Tweets That Break Twitter

You can do a lot with 140 characters. Let’s turn Twitter into MySpace, circa 2005.

1. Character lumping

Certain kinds of characters are tiny and stackable, and in high concentrations form a solid body.

ID: 198943

2. Trick fonts

It’s not a different font, technically: these characters are actually hidden within unicode. So are the characters used to build the next three.

ID: 198934

3. Triangle bombing

ID: 198950

4. Letter flipping

ID: 198957

5. Accent stacking

ID: 199011

6. 125 spaces

There’s no reason you can’t use most of your 140 characters on line breaks. This works better in clients — the Twitter homepage eliminates multiple spaces.

ID: 199035

7. Diacritic overflow

These unicode characters are intended to help render non-English languages. They’re also handy for breaking out of tweet borders.

ID: 199026


Use this site to type pretty much anything in ⒷⓊⒷⒷⓁⒺⓈ

ID: 199044

9. ASCII Art

It’s only appropriate to let a Geocities page explain this one.

ID: 199039

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