21 Reasons It’s Time To Retire Technology’s Favorite Phrase

The evolution will not be revolutionized.


The iPhone 5 is an “evolution, not [a] revolution, but worth the wait,” according to Today Online. CNET agrees. So does Softpedia.


For the iPhone 4S, “evolution not revolution is the name of the game,” according to TechWorld.


“It’s time for a verdict” on the iPhone 4, says ZDNet. “Evolutionary, not revolutionary.”


“I regard [the iPhone 3GS’s] changes,” says Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, “as more evolutionary than revolutionary.” concurs: “[It’s] evolution, not revolution.”


“It’s tough,” says Anandtech of the iPhone 3G, “to follow a revolution with anything but evolution, which on the hardware side is absolutely true.”


“So is the iPhone a revolutionary device?” asks WirelessInfo. “In some ways, yes. But in others, it’s just evolutionary.”


“Google’s Nexus One Phone:” headlines Technologizer, “Evolution (Not Revolution) at Work”


Apple’s first MacBook Air represents “evolution, not revolution,” according to NetworkWorld.


Canon’s new PowerShot SX series cameras are “far more evolution than revolution in Canon’s lineup,” according to The Verge.


The Panasonic Lumix GH2 is an “evolution, not revolution,” according to Gizmodo.


The Nintendo DSi, continues Gizmodo, “is not the next revolution, but it’s an intriguing evolution.”


The BlackBerry Torch, warns GigaOm, is “An Evolution, Not a Revolution.”


AMD’s Bulldozer processor, writes ArsTechnica, “is actually a conservative, evolutionary step forward from what has gone before.” They remind us, however, that “in the world of processor design, evolution is always a lot better than revolution.”


Intel CEO Paul Otellini agrees, saying of his Ultrabooks: “This is evolution. I’m not sure there is anything revolutionary here.”


The WiiU is “Evolution Not Revolution,” to hear GotGame tell it.


Analysts are expecting “evolution, not revolution” at MacWorld.


While another analysts expects the Consumer Electronics Expo to be “evolutionary, not revolutionary.


The Palm Pre, “ingenious as it is,” says BusinessWeek, “seems evolutionary rather than revolutionary.”


The original Microsoft tablets, from 2002, are either “Evolution, Revolution … or Nonevent,” according to Windows IT Pro .


You can call the new Microsoft Surface tablet “evolutionary, but again not revolutionary,” says Cloud Computing News.


“It’s important not to lose sight,” says Mercury News, “that the [iPad] Mini is another link in the evolutionary chain of technology and not a revolutionary step.”

The iPad Mini, which has not yet been announced or seen, comes out today. More here.

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