The AP’s Twitter Account Has Been Hacked, The White House Did Not Blow Up

The giveaway: no AP style. The fake tweet comes just days after hackers targeted the 60 Minutes and 48 Hours accounts. posted on

1. This tweet from the Associated Press caused some alarm Tuesday, just a week after the Boston Marathon bombings.

2. But right away, it was pretty clear the news was fake.

from here in the WH basement, this acct seems hacked RT @AP:" target="_blank">">@AP: Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured

4. The @AP account was suspended within a few minutes.

5. And then this happened.

Here's the #Dow" target="_blank">">#Dow in the 3min following the erroneous @AP" target="_blank">">@AP tweet re: White House explosions." target="_blank">">

6. Other Associated Press accounts tried to do damage control…

The (at)AP twitter account has been hacked. A tweet about an attack at the White House is false. We will advise on acct. status.

8. But everyone made the same joke anyway.

have you hacked the AP twitter feed? AP would like to speak to you....

Did you hack the Associated Press' Twitter account? @AP" target="_blank">">@AP would like to speak with you for a story.

Did you just hack"> href="@AP's" target="_blank">">@AP's Twitter account? The"> href="@AP" target="_blank">">@AP would like to hear from you!

Do you know how to change your Twitter password? The @AP" target="_blank">">@AP would like to speak with you for a story. Yeah, "a story," that's it.

Has your twitter account been hacked? @AP" target="_blank">">@AP would like to talk to you about making repetitive jokes.

(H/T to Dan Amira for some of the last few tweets.)

16. UPDATE: Could this be what led to the hacking?

The @AP" target="_blank">">@AP hack came less than an hour after some of us received an impressively disguised phishing email.

17. UPDATE 2: The “Syrian Electronic Army” has taken credit for the hack.

Ops! @AP" target="_blank">">@AP get owned by Syrian Electronic Army! #SEA" target="_blank">">#SEA #Syria" target="_blank">">#Syria #ByeByeObama" target="_blank">">#ByeByeObama" target="_blank">">

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