Twitter Is Trolling America’s Newest Soccer Star

The #AskLamps hashtag goes terribly wrong.

Frank Lampard is one of the most decorated players in English soccer history. He’s Chelsea’s all time leading goalscorer, a two-time Premier League player of the year, and a runner up for the 2005 FIFA player of the year award. And like many a European soccer star in the autumn of his career, Lampard is coming to America: Last week, he signed a two-year contract with New York City FC of Major League Soccer.

Today Lampard sat down at NYCFC headquarters to take questions tweeted to the #AskLamps hashtag:

The only problem? Lampard’s nickname also happens to be the name for the common household lighting appliance. Twitter is not letting this fact go unnoticed.

Why do I always get the fan speed and light chains confused? #AskLamps

— Patriot_Musket (@Patriot-IronDome)

@NYCFC #AskLamps do you come in all different shapes and sizes?

— Shaun_C_sXe (@Shaun)

#AskLamps Generally speaking, do you prefer being unplugged at night, or just switched off and left?

— MrJayMobbs (@Jay)

#AskLamps Do you love lamp?

— ItDaFiveOh (@Mike Thomas, author)

#AskLamps Do you feel pain when we have to change a bulb?

— _GrahamPatrick (@Graham)

#AskLamps do you prefer a screw or bayonet connection as an interface with bulbs. I know John Terry likes as good screw.

— Hornet7127 (@wayne godfrey)

#AskLamps How are you adapting to American sockets? Can you cope with going from 3 prongs to 2?

— WhingerSpice (@Fook Yu)

#AskLamps What's your problem with the 'i' in Pixar?

— TheMetalWhovian (@TIME STOOD STILL)

#AskLamps how did you cope switching to American plugsockets

— Dom_berrisford (@Dom)

#AskLamps do you take an energy saving bulb?

— FinnMcIver (@Finn)

Why do you get turned on so much, and how do you stay on for so long before burning out?! PS Favorite shade? #AskLamps

— ThatRobbieFox (@Robbie)

As far as senior tour receptions go, this is hardly Pele arriving at the New York Cosmos in 1975. Still, Lampard should be well equipped to deal with the mockery: He navigated the acid British press for nearly two decades. They called him “Fat Frank”.

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