The 9 Most Profound Gaming Confessions

In the soul of every gamer, a poet. From the Tumblr MyGamingConfessions.

1. The Gamer Who Loves Horses Too Much

ID: 942592

2. The Gamer Who Chose Games Over Friends—With No Regrets

ID: 942596

3. The Gamer Who Is Sick of Mario Kart Nostalgia and Isn’t Going To Take it Any More

ID: 942602

4. The Gamer Who Is Anxious but Hides it Well

ID: 942618

5. The Gamer Who Beats the Blues with Zelda Music

ID: 942627

6. The Gamer WIth Too Many Feelings for His/Her Nintendogs

ID: 942633

7. The Gamer Who Played the Wrong Game

ID: 942638

8. The Gamer With the Oedipus Complex

ID: 942644

9. The Gamer Who Owes a lot to Uncharted

ID: 942648

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