Surprise! The Internet Can’t Stop Drawing Davey Havok

A selection of modern art, presented in honor of AFI’s new album.

1. Davey Havok is the lead singer of the punk band AFI. He’s known for his love of black makeup, his love of soaring hooks, and his forelock, which is the size of a slice of Chicago deep dish pizza.

ID: 1862019

3. It turns out that people love drawing Davey.

ID: 1862023
LianneC / Via
ID: 1861550
alexaaaaa / Via
ID: 1862030
havokisthecure / Via
ID: 1862046

7. They also love drawing Davey with friends, like Billie Joe Armstrong, from Green Day.

Harlequinader / Via
ID: 1861519
MadHatterMCR / Via
ID: 1861949

9. And Ian Curtis, from Joy Division, who is dead, but lives on in Davey’s world through art.

bockandchewy / Via
ID: 1861682

10. Also, people like drawing Davey as an angel.

Anarchpeace / Via
ID: 1861659

11. A dark angel.

johannale / Via
ID: 1861569

12. And as a Playboy bunny.

Anarchpeace / Via
ID: 1861627

13. And carrying a child.

rabbitsareroadkill37 / Via
ID: 1861991

14. Also, Jack Skellington.

anarchpeace / Via
ID: 1861702

15. Davey works in other settings, too, like Japan.

naochelsea / Via
ID: 1861936

16. But more than anything else, people like drawing Davey as a wolf/dog.

Anarchpeace / Via
ID: 1861652
kyokujitsu / Via
ID: 1861785
enigma-shadow / Via
ID: 1861935
Enigma-Shadow / Via
ID: 1861938

20. This last one is quite neat, I think.

anarchpeace / Via
ID: 1862006

21. Davey Havok: the muse of our time.

PyroChic / Via
ID: 1862072

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