27 Video Game Noises That You Will Never Be Able To Forget

These are the sounds of happiness and obsession.

1. The Sonic Ring Noise

ID: 995391

2. The Mario Jump Noise

ID: 995395

3. The Tetris Game Over Noise

ID: 995406

4. The Zelda Secret Noise

ID: 995414

5. The Street Fighter 2 Hadouken Noise

ID: 995427

6. The Half Life Headcrab Noise

ID: 995433

7. The Pacman Waka Waka Noise

ID: 995466

8. The Contra First Gun Noise

ID: 995482

9. The Diablo Drinking a Potion Noise

ID: 995508

10. The Doom Monster Groan Noise

ID: 995549

11. The Goldeneye PP7 Noise

ID: 995557

12. The Final Fantasy VI Running Away Noise

ID: 995582

13. The Metal Gear Solid Alarm Noise

ID: 995611

14. The Castlevania Whip Crack Noise

ID: 995658

15. The Angry Birds Every Noise Noise

ID: 995672

16. The Paperboy Paper-on-the-Doorstep Noise

ID: 995689

17. The Moral Kombat Get Over Here Noise

ID: 995696

18. The NBA Jam He’s on Fire Noise

ID: 995706

19. The Gears of War Chainsaw Noise

ID: 995776

20. The Wii Tennis Racket Hits Ball Noise

ID: 995743

21. The PlayStation Startup Noise

ID: 995787

22. The Final Fantasy VII Equip Noise

ID: 995599

23. The Silent Hill Radio Static Noise

ID: 995980

24. The Super Mario Tube Noise

ID: 995862

25. The Mega Man Death Noise

ID: 995940

26. The Mario Kart 64 IMMA GONNA WIN Noise

ID: 995952

27. The Ocarina of Time Hey Listen! Noise

ID: 995958

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