Marking Africa Day On Twitter By Crowdsourcing Africa’s Future Using #TheAfricaWeWant

#theafricawewant is collecting voices from across the continent and their hopes for what could come next.

Africa continent map hand drawn background vector,illustration 9comeback/9comeback

Sunday, May 25 was Africa Day, and Twitter marked the occasion with the hashtag “The Africa We Want.” Peace, safety, and free expression — in politics locally and in stories told globally — got a lot of play.

Women and girls are at the center of many of the tweets. Education, freedom from street harassment, and respect for the right of women to say “no” feature prominently. There is even a call for a new kind of feminism.

Greater opportunity for the young and talented — and greater responsibility among the men (it’s still mostly men) who lead families and nations — rose among the concerns.

There were calls to keep more of Africa’s wealth on the continent — and for Africans to be better stewards of the continent’s resources.

And there were some clear ideas about what wasn’t wanted.

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