A Witness To The Police Shooting Of Michael Brown Live-Tweeted The Entire Event


AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Huy Mach

Michael Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden and other mourners Aug. 9.

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2. Twitter user @TheePharoah — who identifies as a St. Louis area rapper — live-tweeted the police killing of Michael Brown on Saturday.

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5. Minutes later, he tweeted this picture with the caption “Fuckfuck fuck,” then replied to another Twitter user that Brown “was running” when he was shot.

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@TheePharoah why did they shoot him?

— m a r v a l a c e (@_amourlace)
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@_amourlace no reason! He was running!

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
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8. When another Twitter user asked about the photo, @TheePharoah said police shot Brown seven times, including twice in the back.

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@TheePharoah nah u gone be cool, u just ain't gone forget that, so the boys shot him?

ID: 3605404

@SLIKK_DARKO yeah man. 7 times i think

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605406

@TheePharoah from behind ?

ID: 3605410

@SLIKK_DARKO the first two was, the next 5 werent, he turned around

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
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13. He then continued tweeting about the shooting.

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Bruh omfg this shit just happened! I was just outside.

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605218

Its blood all over the street, niggas protesting nshit. There is police tape all over my building. I am stuck in here omg

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605226

Bruh. Im so upset

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605242

I saw it happen man..

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605243

Im over the initial shock, but gahdamn

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605248

Just got told to stay inside. Scene will be clear hopefully in a couple hours.

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605307

20. As the day went on, @TheePharoah began tweeting about the gathering mourners and the growing police presence.

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Bruh they chanting we gon.be on.the news smh

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605260

The dead dude dad out.here tripping

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605254

Nigga got an AR

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605294

They got the whole ferguson department AND county brown on my street

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605297

Homie still on the ground tho

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605301

The street clean nshit. They doing a big ass prayer right now.

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605322

27. He also tweeted about the unrest that engulfed the neighborhood during the following days.

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Smoke and gas coming down Canfield... making it hard to breathe.

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605342

Coughs and sneezes from all directions. I got a headache nshit. Gunshots ringing.

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605347

Hella gunshots.

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605351

Its crazy that this is happening in my city, my neighborhood, my street. Its too much to take in. #Ferguson

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605352

32. Eventually, @TheePharoah pulled back, resisting the increased notoriety his tweets had garnered.

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Fuck being twitter famous, this fucking with my life.

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605221

Dear media, please dont ask me questions. I will tell you i know nothing.

— Bruh. (@TheePharoah)
ID: 3605481

BuzzFeed attempted to reach @TheePharoah on Friday, but did not receive a response.

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