14 Uses Of Hashtags That Will Make You Cringe

#nope #stop

1. This yearbook hash-splosion:

ID: 1256255

2. Using them on wide-ruled notebook paper:

ID: 1256271

3. This t-shirt:

ID: 1256308

4. Terrible tweets like this:

ID: 1256366

Or this:

… in reference to the Casey Anthony verdict.

ID: 1270543

Or this:

… in reference to the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

ID: 1271441

5. As corporate team-building:

ID: 1256362

6. On a pumpkin:

ID: 1270659

7. As a tattoo:

ID: 1270722

8. On jewelry, omg:

ID: 1270732

9. Anyone who uses them out loud:

ID: 1270783

10. Using WAY TOO MANY:

ID: 1256394

11. Everything about this ad, but especially the hashtag:

ID: 1271235

12. The IRL hashtag:

ID: 1270497

13. On your way to a funeral:

ID: 1271362

14. This baby’s actual name:

ID: 1271340

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