The Secret Favs Of Official News Twitter Accounts

ABC News loves the hate-fav, while the NY Post makes some questionable decisions.

At first glance it may seem somewhat strange for news organizations to favorite Tweets from their main account. After all, can you really be non-biased AND have “favorites?” But the “Activity Feed” is Twitter’s new beating heart, and if you watch it for long enough you’ll notice that different organizations dole out favorites in surprising ways.

Disclosure: @BuzzFeed favs a bunch of stuff with few discernible patterns (stuff from staffers, reactions to posts, etc).

ID: 3404322

CNN almost exclusively favorites tweets by its own journalists and contributors.

ID: 3403818

The New York Times and CBS News rarely favorite.

ID: 3403807

MSNBC likes to favorite #engagement.

ID: 3403830

Most of Vox’s favorites are tweets sharing Vox posts or tweets by their staff.

ID: 3403848

(And this @oliviataters tweet.)

ID: 3403854

Despite its web-savviness, (or, perhaps, because of it,) Gawker has not favorited a tweet in more than four years.

ID: 3403779

Similarly, the last time Fox News favorited, it was its own tweet about the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse (it could be accidental, but much more fun to pretend it’s not).

ID: 3403787

The New York Post favorites a lot — mostly responses to their tweets. It seems to appreciate a good joke.

ID: 3403773

But some of the tweets it favorites are… questionable.

ID: 3401152

Or outright misogynistic.

ID: 3403755

ABC News, meanwhile, LOVES the hate-fav.

ID: 3400781

It’s kind of amazing.

ID: 3401155

@ABC doesn’t favorite all that frequently, and while it favorites positive tweets too, a lot of fav’d tweets are from haters.

ID: 3400780

ABC News thinks your need for a graphic image warning is amusing.

ID: 3400789

And it’s not above a little bit of schadenfreude.

ID: 3400782

@ABC had a field day when people were complaining it was spoiling the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

ID: 3400785

But the best thing ABC News ever did was troll an angry Belieber

ID: 3401147

(And then confirm that, yes, this is exactly what they were doing)

ID: 3401145

Give @ABC a Pulitzer.

ID: 3403935

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