Republican Party Tweet About Racism Goes Horribly Wrong

And sparked the #RacismEndedWhen hashtag.

Around 10 a.m. ET on Sunday, the GOP tweeted this photo with the caption “Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in ending racism.”

About three hours later they tweeted a correction:

1. But #RacismEndedWhen had already taken off. It appears that user @FeministaJones started the hashtag at 10:59 a.m.

2. And it caught on really quickly.

#RacismEndedWhen Bill Clinton played the saxophone on Arsenio Hall's show

— FeministaJones (@A$AP Feminist)

#RacismEndedWhen DJ and Stephanie became Wu-Tang fans

— intrepid_heroin (@Juanita Applebum)

#Racismendedwhen Jamie Foxx killed all the White people

— JamilahLemieux (@Jamilah Lemieux)

#RacismEndedWhen Justin Timberlake wore braids.

— JNumba910 (@&%"%ÿþþþÿ%"%&)

#RacismEndedWhen the #FreshPrince moved to BelAir.

— birdiebent (@robyn mcneil)

#RacismEndedWhen black was in vogue and colorblind was a term of endearment.

— donnabrazile (@Donna Brazile)


— ROR1997 (@Ryan)

.@GOP Why is this upsetting people? Racism IS over; I've never suffered from it in my life.

— robdelaney (@rob delaney)

#RacismEndedWhen some of my best friends said it was over.


#racismendedwhen the iphone was available in both black and white.

— KiaJD (@Nakia)

"#RacismEndedWhen he got home safely ”@yurrrbabyma

— JustinDemps3y (@Justin)

#RacismEndedWhen they told me I speak so well, not like the others.

— MrDavidJohns (@David Johns)

#racismendedwhen white people said it did obviously

— dammitbabies (@kierks)

#Racismendedwhen the president on '24' was Black

— JuneMo41 (@June Moses)

#RacismEndedWhen this fine fellow voted for Barack Hussein Obama:

— HelpThe99ers (@A 99er)

#RacismEndedWhen Macklemore won AMA's Best Rap Song

— jujoffer (@jujoffer)

I was under the impression #RacismEndedWhen Ben Affleck played a Latino in "Argo"

— laloalcaraz (@Lalo Alcaraz)


— KingOfMars (@Billy Falcon)

The woman who says she started the trend tweeted an “official statement” on why she created the hashtag.

So here's my official statement: "I started #RacismEndedWhen as a satirical, subversive response to the GOP suggesting Rosa Park ended it"

— FeministaJones (@A$AP Feminist)

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