16 Things We Learned From Bill Nye The Science Guy’s Emails With The White House

BuzzFeed obtained Bill Nye’s emails with the White House through a FOIA request. There is a science poem.

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BuzzFeed obtained 122 pages of emails sent chiefly between Bill Nye — “The Science Guy” —, his assistant Christine Sposari, and White House OSTP Advisor Phil Larson through a Freedom of Information Act Request. Here are some of the best snippets.

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1. Bill Nye sometimes signs off his emails with hopeful messages and clip art.

“Let’s change the world(s)…

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2. As well as other phrases written as only Bill Nye could.

“What time does the shindig start diggin?”

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3. “I lost track of time…time zones that is.”

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4. “Ah yes, I kinda’ spaced (pun intended).”

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5. Bill Nye even sent the White House some original science poetry.

For you, a bit of holiday cheer
With but no effect on our atmosphere
For this particular season
A dodecahedron
As the Earth spins us, to a New Year!


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6. This is the dodecahedron that allegedly inspired Bill Nye’s poem:

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7. When coordinating a blog post for Nye to publish on the White House website, the administration (Larson) prepared talking points for him to follow.

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The included touting President Barack Obama’s “committment” to STEM education as well as mentioning his “distinct honor” to attend the first White House Science fair.

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But when he submitted his draft, the White House offered some edits, which Bill Nye promptly ignored.

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8. After Nye tweeted about signing up for Obamacare, the White House invited him to a party to “thank” him for his outreach. But when he first got the email, Bill Nye appeared confused by what was happening.

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9. Here’s the official White House invite:

“The President requests the pleasure of your company at a reception to be held at The White House on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at four-thirty o’clock.”

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10. Then as the deadline drew near, the White House pinged Bill Nye again for more Obamacare outreach.

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They suggested several tweets, either directed at the #GeeksGetCovered hashtag or generally at everyone with #GetCoveredNow.

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11. Bill Nye is slightly irked by how much email the White House sends out.

“I entered to win a trip to the State of the Union on line. You all send so much email. Phew…”

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12. Larson emailed Bill Nye to see if, when he talked about more NASA funding, he was talking to the White House. Bill Nye said he was.

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13. Later, Bill Nye used his direct contact with the White House to try and set up a meeting to make a person-to-person pitch about funding for something.

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14. Bill Nye described his selfie with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Obama as “a once in a lifetimer.”

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15. He repeatedly refers to Obama as “The Man” in emails.

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16. Larson sent Bill Nye a Los Angeles Times cartoon poking fun at the White House’s inability to work with Congress.

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