24 Things That Prove Video Games Are All Grown Up

Video games are getting older, and so are you.

1. These are no longer considered cutting-edge graphics.

brandon kuzma
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2. Pong is officially over-the-hill.

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3. The model for Lara Croft will be over-the-hill before Obama’s second term is over.

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4. Crash Bandicoot is old enough to drive.

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5. Sonic the Hedgehog is old enough to drink.

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6. Nintendo Power is going out of print.

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7. Madden has gone from this…

ID: 738960

To this.

ID: 738964

8. And Mario’s fireballs have gone from this…

ID: 738967

To this.

ID: 738970

9. You can now download arcade games on your phone for 99 cents (and it doesn’t cost extra to continue after you die).

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10. The Museum of Modern Art is opening a video game exhibition.

It’s opening in March.

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11. More people have bought “Mario” games than Beatles albums.

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12. This guy hasn’t been James Bond for a decade.

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13. There are now more “Final Fantasy” games than “Land Before Time” movies.

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14. The year the first “Mario Kart” came out, Pontiac released the Trans Sport GT minivan.

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15. Sum 41’s “Fat Lip” was one of the newest songs on the original “Guitar Hero.”

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16. The first “Zelda” game came out when Ronald Reagan was president.

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17. “Star Fox 64” came out when Bill Clinton was president.

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18. The first “Call of Duty” was set in World War II and the new one is set in the future.

ID: 738986

19. There have been 13 “Mario Party” games.

ID: 738987

20. And 20 “Kirby” games.

ID: 738989

21. The Nintendo Game Cube holds 190 times more gigabytes of data than the N64.

ID: 742045

22. The average video game player is now 30 years old, according to the Entertainment Software Association.

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23. There is an entire generation of kids who have never played video games with a controller.

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24. But craziest of all, there are now 649 Pokémon.

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