This Could Be The Newest Letter Of The Alphabet, And It Only Cost $38,000

What if instead of writing out ‘the’ all the time, we just wrote the letter Ћ?

1. An Australian man named Paul Mathis is trying to invent the 27th letter of the alphabet and it would look like this:

ID: 1346235

2. The letter would stand for the word ‘the,’ which is the most used word in the English language.

ID: 1346359

3. Mathis told The Age the new letter would be to the word ‘the’ the way the ampersand (&) is to the word ‘and.’

ID: 1346400

Read more of his interview with The Age here.

ID: 1346479

5. The ampersand was once even considered a letter of the alphabet that was pronounced ‘and’ and placed after the letter ‘z.’

ID: 1346557

6. Mathis said the original version of the letter was drawn in a Singapore hotel in 2011.

@b original version hand drawn in a hotel in Singapore in 2011

— Paul Mathis (@PaulMathisMelb)

Paul Mathis


@b original version hand drawn in a hotel in Singapore in 2011

ID: 1346407

7. He has invested $38,000 to develop the letter, according to the Telegraph. There’s also an app that puts the letter in your keyboard.

ID: 1346272

You can download the app here.

ID: 1346494

9. Here’s a video explaining the letter more.

ID: 1346499

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