This Anti-Gay Tweet That Went Viral Is Actually Fake

If a congressman’s official website is hosted on blogspot, he may not be a real congressman. posted on

1. At 8:13 a.m. — hours before the oral arguments in the Supreme Court’s Proposition 8 case began — this tweet attributed to a Rep. Jack Kimble, a Republican from California’s 54th district, was sent.

2. A lot of people retweeted it, including former Obama press secretary Ben LaBolt.

Time for a new press sec MT @RepJackKimble:" target="_blank">">@RepJackKimble: If the govt makes us allow same sex marriage, what's to stop them from requiring us to be gay?

3. And HuffPost Media before they corrected it.

D'oh! Sorry for RT'ing everyone RT @BuzzFeedAndrew:" target="_blank">">@BuzzFeedAndrew: To everyone RTing @RepJackKimble," target="_blank">">@RepJackKimble, it's a parody account of a fake Congressman.....

4. Same with the creator of “Parks And Rec.” Glad you didn’t die.

5. The only problem is Jack Kimble isn’t really a Congressman. And there aren’t even 54 districts in California. There are only 53.

6. And it’s fooled people before, like this Washington Post reporter in 2010.

7. Jack Kimble is actually a parody account with a website hosted on blogspot.

8. And it also tweets things like this.

If God wanted gays to get married, he wouldn't have made wedding cake toppers with one man and one woman.

9. And this.

God didn't create Adam and Steve.He made Adam and even and that other couple whose daughters Cain and Abel married in a totally straight way

10. Now you know!

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