15 Things Everyone Feels On The Internet

The Internet can be a frustrating place.

1. When pop-up ads appear, you feel like this.

2. When a website automatically starts playing music, you feel like this.

3. When a video buffers, you feel like this.

4. When some random weirdo adds you as a friend, you feel like this.

5. When you misspell a tweet that was really clever, you feel like this.

6. When a cool photo you post on Instagram gets zero likes, you feel like this.

7. #When #people #overuse #hashtags #you #feel #like #this.

8. When someone you want to avoid tries to chat every time you go online, you feel like this.

9. When those text boxes that cover part of the screen are on a video you’re watching, you feel like this.

10. When your parents post something embarrassing on your wall, you feel like this.

11. When websites continually ask you to “like us” and “follow us” and “join the conversation,” you feel like this.

12. When someone tries to fight about politics on your wall, you feel like this.

13. When someone posts a screen shot of their weather app, you feel like this.

14. When people post dumb status updates that make you question their intelligence, you feel like this.

15. And of course, when someone tags you in an unflattering photo, you feel like this.

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