There Was Another Stabbing In Woolwich

The stabbing took place just steps away from the site of Wednesday’s bloody murder. The suspect is still at large. posted on

1. A man was stabbed in the Woolwich area of London Sunday.

A man with blood seems to have been stabbed in #Woolwich" target="_blank">">#Woolwich photo attached

2. It occurred just 200 yards away from site of the brutal murder of a British soldier that took place Wednesday.

Police confirm to me that there has been a stabbing 200yrds away from the #woolwich" target="_blank">">#woolwich murder scene of Lee Rigby

3. Police are now searching for the suspect and say the motive is unknown.

4. There has been no indication from police if the stabbing is somehow connected to Thursday’s murder.

Woolwich is a high crime area, a new stabbing there could be completely unrelated to Adebolajo.

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