One Direction Fans Rioted After They Couldn’t Get Into The One Direction Movie

After fans started rushing the theater, the LAPD was called. posted on

1. Hundreds of One Direction fans lined up Saturday morning at the Grove in Los Angeles to see the film 1D: This Is Us.

True Life: I'm at the Grove at 10 AM on a Saturday to see the One Direction movie with hundreds of teenage girls.

3. Unfortunately, not everyone got in.

Not kidding: The usher just told us that 200 girls who didn't get into the 1D screening are rushing the theater. They're calling the LAPD.

4. According to Amy Kaufman of the L.A. Times, girls rushed the theater, running past security, and the LAPD was called.

Got more deets on the 1D Grove riot. The girls who got turned away 4 screening ran inside past security & they had to barricade thtr doors.

7. A spokesperson for the LAPD told BuzzFeed a call came in that “there were teens running through the Grove.” One unit responded and they “cleared the scene.”

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