Maybe We Shouldn’t Be That Concerned About A North Korea Missile Strike

The world is round, Kim.

1. This photo of Kim Jong-un was printed in a North Korean newspaper last week.

ID: 1031561

2. In the background was a map that had all these lines from North Korea to the United States.

ID: 1031560

3. The characters on the map translate to “U.S. Mainland Strike Plan.”

ID: 1031596

4. The only problem is the world isn’t flat, it’s round.

ID: 1031667

5. So the path of a missile sent from North Korea to Austin, Texas, wouldn’t be a straight line. It’d be like this:

ID: 1031683

6. And the path of a missile from North Korea to Washington, D.C., would actually go across the Arctic Ocean.

ID: 1031688

7. Major fail, Kim. Look at your life, look at your choices. Please stop.

ID: 1031732

h/t The Atlantic.

ID: 1031804

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