Jury Rules In Favor Of AEG In Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Suit

The jury found the promoter not guilty of negligence in hiring Jackson’s doctor.

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A jury ruled in favor of concert promoter AEG in the Michael Jackson wrongful death case Wednesday in Los Angeles.

The singer’s mother, Katherine Jackson, sued AEG, accusing the company of negligence in hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who supplied Jackson with propofol, an anesthetic, and was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011.

The jury found AEG not guilty of negligence in hiring Murray.

“The jury’s decision completely vindicates AEG Live, confirming what we have known from the start—that although Michael Jackson’s death was a terrible tragedy, it was not a tragedy of AEG Live’s making,” said Marvin Putnam, lead trial counsel for the defendants in the lawsuit, in a statement.

Greg Barden, a juror, told reporters the jury found Murray to be competent to be a general practitioner, but it “doesn’t mean we felt he was ethical.”

“We reached a verdict that we understand not everyone is going to agree with,” he said. “I feel we made the correct decision.”

Burden unmet: Michael Jackson family had to prove AEG knew Dr. Conrad Murray 'was unfit and this unfitness created a risk to others.'

— MarcDuvoisin (@Marc Duvoisin)

Family wanted 'noneconomic' $ for loss of MJ's 'love, comfort, care, protection, affection and moral support.' Plus economic damages.

— MarcDuvoisin (@Marc Duvoisin)

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