British Teen’s Tweets About Sex, Drugs And Violence Pissed Off Her Whole Country

Paris Brown, a 17-year-old from Kent, England, tweeted some things that made people very upset.

1. This is Paris Brown, a 17-year-old British youth who was named Britain’s first youth police commissioner.

Gareth Fuller / AP

2. She was really sad the other day because people saw some of her tweets that she wasn’t proud of.

Gareth Fuller / AP

3. Paris’ £15,000-a-year taxpayer-funded job (about $23,000 a year in U.S. dollars) was an attempt by the Kent police department to reach out to young people.

4. And that was really exciting at first.

5. But then The Mail on Sunday reported about her tweets.

6. And people were upset.

Of this is what is supposed to represent the youth of today!! We're screwed. @vilulabelle #vilulabelle via @MetroUK”

— Siddums11 (@Sid Ahmed)

7. These were some of the things she said, according to The Daily Mail.

10. Kent police and crime commissioner Ann Barnes admitted no one looked at her tweets before she was hired.

GARETH FULLER/PA Photos /__username__

11. Following the controversy, Paris deleted her Twitter account.

Paris Brown shut down her Twitter account (@vilulabelle). Don't think this is how you handle Social Media crisis. Has she had any training?

— Pose83 (@Jo Darby)

12. Here she is apologizing.

13. She now has a new Twitter, @YouthPCC, and she has apologized a lot on it so far.

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