A Woman Was Videotaped Trying To Hire A Hitman To Kill Her Husband

Julia Charlene Merfeld, 21, of Muskegon, Mich., has plead guilty to solicitation of murder for attempting to hire a hitman to kill her husband. She said she didn’t want to be judged by her family for getting a divorce.

1. Julia Charlene Merfeld was videotaped soliciting an undercover police officer to murder her husband.

ID: 1347621

2. The video, obtained by 24 Hour News 8, showed Merfeld casually talking about murdering her husband. She wanted it to look like a break in. Here, she showed the man a picture of her husband.

ID: 1347624

3. At a later meeting she brought a map of her house. Merfeld planned to pay for the murder from her husband’s $400,000 life insurance policy.

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4. She said she wanted it to happen on a Thursday when she worked. “The more shocked I am when it happens, the better. I just want to make it as non-suspicious as possible.”

ID: 1347686

5. “As terrible as it sounds, it was easier then divorcing him. You know, I don’t have to worry about the judgment of my family. I don’t have to worry about breaking his heart,” she said.

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6. Merfeld pled guilty in June to solicitation of murder. Her husband has requested she not be jailed.

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7. Watch the video here.

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