14 Exasperating Parts Of The Job Interview

By some miracle of the universe, you finally got a job interview!!! ZOMG. Now comes the hard part.

1. There’s that lovely moment when the interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself,” and you have no idea where to start.

Art by Randy Glasbergen.

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2. Or when you study the company and do all this research and then forget everything the moment you start speaking.

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3. When they ask you why you want to work there.

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4. When they ask you what your biggest weaknesses are….as if you have any.

Art by Gail Weiss

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But seriously, the “biggest weakness” question is such a lose-lose situation. You either sound like a douchey humblebragger…

Art by Poorly Drawn Lines.

ID: 1205058

…or you end up revealing an awkwardly honest thing about yourself.

Art by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

ID: 1201533

And we all know honesty has no place in the job interview!

See full conversation at College Humor.

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5. When they don’t respect your non-traditional but clearly qualified experience.

Illustration by Craig Swanson and idea by James Cennamo.

ID: 1201171

6. Or when you get stuck in the “Do you have experience?” Catch 22

Art by Jacob Andrews.

ID: 1204804

And everything you’ve been told about education and work begins to look more and more like a giant farce.

ID: 1201162

7. When you become so aware of your tongue and your body and all of a sudden forget how to exist as a normal human.

ID: 1201014

8. Then there are those interviews that have a million rounds.

As if the regular interview timescale doesn’t contain enough anxiety.

ID: 1201188

9. Or the cruel invention that is the group interview.

ID: 1201117

10. Or worst of all, when the whole thing is just a phone interview.

Who doesn’t love trying to impress someone over the phone where all the nuances of human communication can be so easily relayed?

ID: 1205434

11. Then when you reach the end, they always ask if you have any questions for them.

But of course you don’t because you actually researched them and were paying attention during the damn interview so you just wing it…

ID: 1200944

12. You exit hoping you looked smart and polished.

ID: 1201062

13. And then you play this healthy game where you replay the whole interview in your head.

over and over again…

ID: 1205511

14. And you wait to hear back…

You want to call them to “follow up” but you also don’t want to be annoying.

ID: 1200970

You repeat this lovely process a million times and somehow manage to stay sane.

ID: 1205727

And then finally, FINALLY, it happens. The moment you’ve been waiting for. YOU’RE HIRED!!!

Now you can go from being unemployed to being really, really grateful for your job to hating your job and sucking it up anyway.

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