The Internet Jubilantly Responds To The Capture Of The Boston Bombing Suspect

The long, difficult story of the Boston Marathon bombing received some much needed closure with the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. posted on

That awkward moment when you're so happy that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is #captured & the #manhunt is over that you're like

7. But Not Before Making A Bunch Of Obvious Lonely Island Jokes

10. Even Mom Got In On The Act

11. People Were Generally Perplexed By The Boat Angle

14. A Lot Of People Were Selling Boats On Craigslist (Slightly Used, Riddled With Bullet Holes)

19. Some Laughs Were Had Over The Fact That “Dzhokhar” Kind Of Sounded Like “Joker”

21. A Few Grand Theft Auto References Were Made

22. A Closed Captioning Service Was Apparently A Fan Of “New Girl”

23. But Folks Mostly Urged Calm

25. And Warned People Not To Mess With Boston

27. And Even Though We Had A Few Laughs At Their Expense…

28. …We’d Really Like To Thank All The People Who Helped To Bring An End To All Of This

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