The 19 Dumbest Things That Google Is Forced To Suggest

Google gave us this super-cool, insanely powerful tool to help us find anything we want in the universe and this is what you did with it. Are you happy? I hope you’re happy.

1. The answer to one of the great, unanswered questions of philosophy.

ID: 886139

2. The answer to one of the great, unanswered questions of biology.

ID: 886146

3. The inner musings of an admittedly honest bigot.

ID: 886149

4. The world’s saddest attempt at a plan for Friday night.

ID: 886151

5. The deepest anxieties of a colorblind child.

ID: 886167

6. The formulation of a question that has troubled great theologians since Aquinas.

ID: 886177

7. This totally legitimate question that everyone often wonders about.

ID: 886181

8. The formulation of a question so devious it can make an etymologist cry.

The answer, by the way, is dolor colli causa machinae volantis (or “plane in the neck”).

ID: 886183

9. The formulation of a question that no one wants to know the answer to.

ID: 886184

10. The stark truth about something we all know is happening but are too afraid to admit.

ID: 886185

11. The musings of a deeply religious British wildlife expert.

ID: 886190

12. This.

ID: 886193

13. The saddest cry for help in history.

ID: 886195

14. Musings on nature’s cruelest misclassifications.

ID: 886199

15. True facts about monkeys.

ID: 886228

16. The world’s strangest and most miserable distress call.

ID: 886240

17. The single most unethical way to cheat on a standardized test.

ID: 886243

18. A procedural query about America’s pastime.

ID: 886252

19. And, finally, this nail in the coffin for humanity.

ID: 886117

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