Rep. Steve Cohen Says A Black Guy Told Him He’s Black Because Of His Paternity Test

He took it as a compliment. posted on

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It’s been a tough week for Rep. Steve Cohen. It got tougher Saturday night on the road in DC.

Could the week get worse?yep!car died on .Mass Ave/hour plus towtruck here.when it rainsit pours as is my perspiration.feel like Mortonsalt

The 1986 Cadillac the Tennessee Democrat drives around town finally crapped out.

@y2kisha yes .happened last week.alternator 400 bills.apparently not done right.86 Caddy old but sentimental(Moms car)

But Cohen says the experience gave him fresh perspective on the paternity case that dogged him all week.

Told AfricanAmerican towdriver my week -father -DNA test not father reporter/ attractive fallout.he(not aware of TN9)says,You're BLack! Yo

The anecdote didn’t go over well with some.

Cohen said he took it as a compliment and hears it all the time in his Memphis, TN district.

@mylesnmiller I feel it was a compliment . hear it regularly n Memphis.Life can b tough ,cruel and road has twists/turns.more4 some.igetit

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